Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pound Your Parents......Youth vs. Parents 2007

The Parents of Pittsboro Baptist Youth

Well, what a night we had on Sunday! It was the churchwide Pound Your Parents!! And the parents won! 180-20!!! Oh the nasty things we had to do! First, we had to hold a styrofoam cup down completey and lick our finger and eat dry kool-aid from it. I had to eat TWO packs. It was NASTY!!!!!!!! (Yes, I did throw up afterwards). Then, we had to eat half of a banana and chug down hald a can of Sierra Mist, finish the banana and the rest of the soda and burp in Tripp's face. I burped like 7 times before I was halfway finished. I'm sure Eric enjoyed this game. Yes, he went!!

We had all kinds of crazy in between games as well. Putting Trix Cereal up our nose and shooting it out into a cup. That's the only game the parents lost.

Outside, we had to run up, grab something out of a brown paper bag and eat whatever we got. I had to eat an entire can of Vienna Sausages. Easy for a WV gal. Everyone was ready to hurl watching me though. Some had to eat salmon, big carrots, stale pop tarts, sardines, and yes, dog bones.

We also played a game where we had to run, slide across some slime yuck and then spin around a baseball bat using our forehead ten times. Uh, I feel after the sevennth spin and almost landed in the graveyard full time. Many of the men were really funny on that one.....falling everywhere!

The final game, was GROSS!!! We had to take SPAM and stick it under our neck and pass it to the next person without dropping it. Now this was totally disgusting!!! The last person to get the spam had to eat it (but a fresh can of course)!! Well, Brittany had to eat that SPAM.....she lost but lord, she was shoving it in that mouth of hers!! All in all, it was a great time. The losers got pied in the face. Of course, I ended up getting more of the whip cream and chocolate syrup on my backside from the youth after we pied them. They all seemed to come after me....oh well, show's their love! LOL The worst part of the night was my parents were ready to call FOX NEWS and report me missing because I forgot to check in for the day!! SORRY..........

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