Saturday, September 15, 2007

Finally a little rain......

Well, we finally received a little rain last night. Actually, it stormed pretty hard, too hard in fact. All it really did was make a ton of red clay puddles everywhere. Things are very sticky here today and the sun in shining bright. I just wish it would cool off a bit. I'm sure I'll regret those words in another month though. I'd rather have it too hot than too cold.

We are up and at 'em early this morning. Brandon had baseball practice at 8:30 (thanks to his new coach, HIS DAD). Then they are all off to the UNC game to work concession stand for the Scouts. So, I guess I can get some research done on my term paper today.

Eric reported on Wednesday to his new duty assignment at Ft. Bragg. We'll see how that goes!! I know one thing, I'm sick of hearing about the New York Times calling General Petraus "Betray Us" because it's just disgusting. If it wasn't for the military serving, they wouldn't have the right to publish anything like that. Actually, an organization called MoveOn is the one who paid to have it published. Definite secular-progessive idiots that no nothing about freedom!! Well, I guess getting on my political soapbox first thing in the morning isn't a good sign. haha

Hey, maybe I'll find time to scrap today!!! Or at least CUT OUT something with my cricut!!!

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