Monday, August 20, 2007

Off to school we go....

Well, this is it! I'm off for my first class here in about a half hour. I just feel awful though! I guess I have gotten a cold over the w/e or else the paint and dust finally got my allergies kicked into high gear!!!

We had an incredible baptism service at church last night. NINE were baptized!!! Eight of those were children. I was thrilled to have four of my VBS students be among them.

Well, pray for me this week as I try to get a solid schedule going so that I can manage everything. Plus add time to blog and scrap!!! The kids start school on Monday and I go back to work on Wednesday. But I can't wait!! I'll have 3 students that I had when they were in the one's class a few years ago. Hope everyone has a great day and remember to pray for the miner's families and all of those on the coast where Dean may hit!

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