Saturday, January 3, 2009

New pics of the puppies

I thought I'd share the latest pics of House and Wilson. It's hard to believe they will be 4 weeks old tomorrow!!! I had them out today trying to get them to walk a bit, but all they want to do is scoot backwards! Silly pups.

So, we're suppose to learn to walk......

House (black face) and Wilson

This is House

Mama watching her babies grow up

Meadow loves fact, so much that she ended up taking them out of their crate somehow and had them on the floor playing around.

Mia just watches them........she seems amazed by them, but she wants absolutely nothing to do with them. Jealous as always.

Other than trying to get my scrap supplies organized and setting up our office area, we haven't done much the past two days. I talked to my uncle today and had some good laughs. He always makes me feel better.......always has. Well, off to chill out.

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