Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He will NEVER be my President

I've been sitting here for the last 2 hours or so listening to the news in the background from the television and what a great day it is for America. We were fortunate to have a snow day here but now I have to sit around and deal with the "Obama Hype" all day.

I can honestly say that I am physically ill over what is about to happen to our country. Our loss of guns, higher taxes, changes in our military that are going to cause controversy, higher abortion rates........and I could continue to go on and on. I do not believe in Obama's policies and I think that this world has fish scales covering their eyes falling down and worshipping this man. We need to be in DEEP CONSTANT PRAYER for our country.......for our soldiers........for fellow conservatives serving in office and for those who will be running for office in the upcoming elections in 2010. I'm sick of the media praising this man.......he has done nothing worthy to be praised for. I'll show the democratic party the same respect that they showed President Bush and President Reagan. It is a sad day for our country......for our children. But I will not be a part of this "historical event."

Lord, this is the worst birthday ever!!!!!

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