Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Darling Abie Cat....

e never cared for cats.........the neighbors had one named Caesar when I was growing up as a kid and the thing scratched me pretty good once. So, I've always disliked them I guess because of that. But since my move, this sweet cat has become a big part of my life. She has a habit of just climbing up on my shoulders to cuddle and purr. She's always making me feel loved and special.

Abie Cat and I

Abie cat is always chasing the toilet paper when I flush....I'm just waiting for her to fall in!

So, here is this sweet cat that God has placed in my life. When I met her, she didn't have a name. Well, I cannot handle an animal not having a name so I thought of someone special in my life. I had a sweet little angel in my childrens choir named Abigail and she has always very special to me. So therefore, the name Abie cat came to be. That way I can always think of her when I speak Abie cat's name. Abigail was one of my star singers.........always carrying her purse and lipstick. I was blessed to get to talk to her on the phone today and of course, teared up because I miss her so. I promised her to post pics of her namesake so her you go sweet Abigail.

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