Monday, January 19, 2009

A day with the boys...

Handsome little Brandon....(refuses to get a haircut though!!!)

Well, today the boys and I hung out a bit. We debated over which movie to finally go see and decided on Mall Cop (although I truly wanted to see Dog Hotel...LOL) I have to say it was pretty funny. There wasn't a seat left in the cinema......I was bit shocked by that alone considering it cost us $21 to get in and that's just a family of three.......I could have purchased 3 DVD's for that price on sale or ordered 8 pay per view movies! Geez......not to mention I could have used it towards getting my nails done (jk)

You know Brady thinks he's "The Bomb"

I had lunch with my great friend and sista Kara. It was great catching up with her. Well, since I've spent the day out and about it's time to get the washing and housework done.

Kara and I after a great lunch full of laugh, tears, prayer and fellowship

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