Monday, July 2, 2012

Trying to Survive the Heat

 I am so thankful Brady & I returned from West Virginia just before they began having their major storms on Friday.  I spoke with my mom today and she said that so many folks still have no power and several gas stations are even closed because of it.  I guess the Nursing Home has an outage but thank God for generators.   I know it has to be hard on those folks, especially the nursing staff because their normal routine is out of sync.  It was extremely hot last week as well, but minus the storms. 
The wind was horrible here on Friday evening.  Ray & I was lying in bed and it just overpowered everything.  Our yard was full of limbs and branches the next morning.  Scary stuff!  It was 104 degrees here on Friday.....I don't believe it's ever been that hot.  Even the poor pups don't want to go outside to play.  And when I do allow them to go out, it's not for more than 10 minutes.

Other than having sticky, humid, yucky weather, all is calm in Mayberry.  I really need to start focusing on the upcoming school year and start getting my decor in order.  Hope all is well where ever you are and that God is keeping you safe! :o)

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