Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Passing Of A Legendary Icon

Images: Andy Griffith (1926-2012) | WXII Home - Entertainment

Wow....it was sad to wake up this morning and hear that Andy Griffith had passed away this morning.  I immediately called my dad to break the news.  Andy Griffith was on 24/7 in our home while growing up.  I remember how our dog, Fred, would sit in front of the television and tilt his head off to the side during the whistling song.

My dad followed in Andy's footsteps.  In fact, Barney, Don Knotts, is from Morgantown, West Virginia.  He has been to the home I grew up in many years ago.  My dad's office has pictures of him and Barney (Don) everywhere.  In fact, my parents dog, T.T. bit poor old Barney. 

As I was watching the news this past hour, they have already stated that there have been a record number of visitors at The Andy Griffith Museum here in Mount Airy.  I imagine that Mayberry will be packed this July 4th week-end.  It is nice to stroll down Main Street on any given day.  Mayberry is just like home to me. 

RIP Andy.....

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