Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our New Baby....

Leah Emory

Well, my husband unexpectedly brightened my day yesterday.  We went over to my sis-in-laws to see her dogs latest litter of pups and the next thing I know, Ray grabbed this little gal up and said if you want her, she's yours.  At first I laughed thinking surely he couldn't be serious! Like we need another dog in our pack.  But I found out that he was serious! 15 minutes later we were headed home with her. 

Usually I have my dog names already picked out just as if I myself were the one having a  I used up all of my Cullen names from the Twilight Series so because this pups color is so puzzling, I decided that Leah would be a great name....even though I'm not a "Team Jacob" fan.  And it fits her well.

Her middle name, Emory, is after a very dear student of mine.  It means powerful & energetic,  Something that Leah most definitely is! She is one of the most playful pups I've seen in a while.  She runs from one dog to the next chasing their tails and trying to wrestle around with them.  She is a great addition to our little family. I can't wait to post some videos of her!

I also love the name Leah Paige but since my step-daughter's name is Paige, that was definitely ruled out.  Paige is just such a beautiful name and if Brandon had been a girl, his name would haven certainly been Paige! :o)

So, even though dark clouds have been looming over me this past week, this little burst of energy brightens my day.  Not to mention she is helping me keep my mind off of "the evil anniversary" that's around the corner next week,

I hope all is well with each of you and that God is sending tons of blessings your way.  Your comments and support mean so much to me. 


Sarah (Nikki) said...

HI Rhonda...I just love love love this little girl. Your husband is the best to take her for you. I hope she brings tons of joy to you everyday. She's absolutely adorable.

Rhonda said...

Thank you so much. She is definitely wide open! We are both such animal lovers that we just can't turn on back on any of them. I'm hoping to share some video of her soon. Hope you have a fabulous week!

Mumsy said...

Gorgeous little face! I would love to have one..

Rhonda said...

Thank you Mumsy. She is definitely a spitfire. She is just so calming and soothing....praise God for animals!