Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, Monday.....

It is pretty quiet around here with the boys at camp and not hopping about.  It's been the typical Monday....laundry, housework....dinner decisions.  I'll be honest and admit that I have played around with my new laptop for most of the afternoon.  Downloading itunes, all the extra software that I need for one program or another.  The good thing is that my sweet husband is pretty intelligent on technology so he does handle most of the software management.  My luck, I'd get a virus..... I'm still just super stoked because he invested in such a wonderful gift for me.

I tried to get into the Mob Wives: Chicago series last night, but it just didn't hold my attention the way Mob Wives.  Nothing like Big Ang to keep ya laughing.  I also finished reading Mockingjay this morning.  Now I have to decide whether or not I want to read The Host or Snow White and the Huntsman.  I'm also curious about Fifty Shades of Grey....decisions, decisions, decisions....
 Tomorrow I need to begin packing for my trip back home.  Mom needs me to craft several items for her so I guess I'm going to be taking most of my scrap supplies and equipment with me.  I did get to talk to my sweet Mamaw yesterday.  She sounded so down about not being able to live on her own any longer.  It breaks my heart for her to lose that little bit of independence she has had for herself.  But it is what's best for her and she truly does see that.  So I am hoping to really take some of the weight off of my mom's shoulders when I am there next week.

I also need to start getting all my materials and ideas together for the upcoming school year.  I know I want to do a sports theme this year so I just need to really finalize my ideas for centers, fun slogans, etc.  I am truly blessed and love my job.

Well, I guess I better start rounding up dinner.

Here's your wink for the day! Is this just not adorable?

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