Monday, June 4, 2012

Adjusting to Summer Vacation

It has been such a challenge for me to adjust to summer vacation this year.  I don't know if it's because the school year ended earlier this year or if I'm just flat out bored (lord knows I have plenty to do to keep that from happening!) I have several projects I want to work on and I really want to begin posting more on my craft blog.  The boys are getting ready to head off to scout camp.  Brandon is working on staff again and Brady is busy preparing to go off to college. :o(  I guess I'm starting to experience empty nest syndrome a bit.  haha

 I'm really looking forward to going home and visiting my family in a few weeks.  Things have been a bit strugglesome on that end.  My 93 year old mamaw is starting to have some health issues and my mother has her hands full with decisions that need to be made.  I know it's hard for her.  I never imagined myself looking forward to going back to West Virginia.....but I am so homesick that it's crazy. 

It will be nice to have some time to myself.  Hubby has to stay back and work.  :o(  But I do need some time to reflect on everything I've been through this past year.  My health has also been an issue.  But I know that my God is much bigger than breast cancer.  I've been working on a new Beth Moore study and that is really helping me gain strength. 

I hope that everyone enjoys their summer break.  Stay safe and I promise to add some recent photo's soon.  The Cullen pups will be celebrating their second birthday tomorrow.... :o) And I need to upload photo's of Brady's graduation.  Love to all!

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