Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Boy Safe...

Well, I finally heard that Brady is out of the Florida Sea and on land once again. I'll be more relieved once he gets back to NC Saturday since there are still numerous storms roaming about him. The scout troop is only allowed to travel 500 miles maximum per day so that makes his trip that much longer. Not to mention that school begins on Tuesday!!

It has been extremely muggy here this week. We usually have a ten minute pop-up thunderstorm in the afternoons.

I've been trying to enjoy what is left of my vacation but the stresses in life do not seem to be cooperating with me!!!! I think that Brandon has been bored out of his mind without Brady around to pester him. Poor little guy. I'm sure that Brady won't be home more than an hour though and he'll be wishing he was gone again! LOL

Well, I'm off to do know, that never-ending job...........

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