Saturday, August 22, 2009

NASA Adventure...

NASA in Florida

Brady sent me a few photos yesterday via mobile phone and I thought I'd share them. He should be home within the next few hours. That takes some stress off of me! :o)

He said that they did endure some pretty fascinating weather while sailing. They got to go snorkeling and all he could talk about was the large angel fish and eel that surrounded them. I can't wait to see photos from his adventure at sea. Of course, I advised him to take a few disposable cameras so that his good equipment didn't get damaged so I'll have to wait until they get developed the good old fashioned way.

Since the troop is only allowed to travel a maximum of 500 miles per day, they stopped by NASA yesterday.

(Not sure what it is....LOL) Some space craft!

Only Brady would take a picture like this.....Neal Armstrongs car

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Paula said...

Glad that Brady is safe. But he is not alone, I would have taken this picture of Neil Amstrong's car too ;-))