Monday, August 17, 2009

Craziness All Around....

Things have just been so stressful lately! The weather has been clear as anything here in the Carolina's, yet our Internet service keeps wanting to go out on clear sunny days. Cell phone service has also been a bit of a bewilderment the past few days.

Of course, there is wonderful Tropical Storm Claudette hitting the Florida Coast and my sweet boy Brady is sailing along the Florida Sea Channel to the Keys with the scout troop!

There is absolutely no way to contact him since there is no cell reception out at sea! (Actually, I told him to leave his cell phone on land so he didn't risk any water damage issues.) But it's very nerve racking wondering how he is and if he's safe.

To top that off, Ray's older son, Joshua is fighting fires out in Santa Cruz, California.

He has been waiting all summer to get called out to fight fires. To be young again and enjoy facing such risks! He's pretty good about checking in with one of us though to let us know he's alright.

This is my final week of vacation before the school year begins. Now I'm wishing I had one more week to just rest! It's never been my nature to just lay around and sleep, but with all the craziness around us, I think I'd welcome it with open arms.

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