Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wonderful Surprises :o)

Well, my week seems to gotten better.  During most of the week I have been lost in scripture....trying to get through a difficult time with God is the only way I can get through anything.  I am so thankful that He is my Father and that He never leaves us or forsakes us.

Tuesday, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a wonderful dinner out.  He truly loves me.  He knows I've been handling situations and that I have been stressed out a bit over it.  So, I got the most BEAUTIFUL roses sent to me at work!  PURPLE ROSES at that! The kids always get a kick out of it when you get flowers at work.  I get more joy from seeing their faces and hearing their whispers than anything. 

Last night, I got a surprise visit from my middle son Brady.  It's been wonderful to have him here.  I am very proud of him because he has decided to enlist in the Air Force.  I believe he made a very mature and competent decision.  Find out today that Josh has also gotten a new job.  We are just so proud of our children.

I began working on baby granddaughters afghan this evening.  I am so excited about creating things for my very first grandchild.  I am so tickled that to be a grandmother!

Well, as you can tell by reading, I'm trying to focus on the positive in my life right now and I will not allow the enemy to get any foothold on me.  We can beat our troubles because God is our ultimate warrior.

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