Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Well, the rain has finally stopped! The yard is so saturated with water that it will take weeks for it to dry out. That means daily mopping for me because I don't think the dogs will stop to wipe their paws before coming inside.

I have felt more like myself today.  I believe that I burned all my energy during the school day though.  I'm just glad that I have stopped coughing.

Today is our sweet Paige's 20th birthday.  Tomorrow is Johnathan's.  January is a busy month because mine is on Sunday and then our anniversary is next week.

We were looking through old photo's last night that I am preparing to scrapbook and I just had to share a few of Paige's younger year pics.  She was such a beautiful little girl and I am sure she is an even more beautiful young woman.  My husband still talks about her beautiful hair.  He loves his little girl and no one will be able to take that or those memories away from him.  I just wish others would grow up, be thankful for the gift that he helped give them by creating those two wonderful children and bury the dang hatched.

Anyhow, wishing Paige and beautiful and blessed birthday! We love you!


One of my favorites!

Paige & her brother Johnathan :o) She definitely has her father's stare!

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