Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoyable Week-end

It's been such a calm and relaxing week-end.  On Friday, my husband and I strolled the streets of Mayberry at the Autumn Leaves festival.  I love homemade arts and crafts!!! There were so many beautiful fall decorations displayed.  All in all, we had a wonderful time.

Our son, Josh, arrived Saturday evening for a few weeks.  It's always nice when he visits.  Although I have to admit that he is just like his dad.  It's like having two of them in the house! LOL   I am still praying for the day that all of our children are together and we can spend a day together as a complete family.  I have placed all my trust and faith in God.  I know He will provide.

Today I spent a few hours shopping alone.  Yes,!! LOL  I needed to start stocking up on Christmas supplies for card and ornament orders.  I also had to grab my Breaking Dawn Part 2 merchandise that was just released.  I still can't believe this will be the end! :o( 

Enjoy the fall season everyone.  It's my absolute favorite! Have a great week.

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