Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let the School Year Begin

Well, I finally got my classroom all set up! I forgot how much labor went into  I am so pumped and ready for the kids to arrive tomorrow! Meet & Greet was a great success and I have some wonderful children that I am looking forward to working with this year.  I posted a few photo's of the things I made for the classroom on my other blog.  I still have several to post.  There's just no time!

Brady is doing fine adjusting to dorm life.  He's really lucked out with his class schedule and has no early morning classes.  Brandon is enjoying the fact that his brother isn't around to annoy him anymore.  I keep telling him that will change and he'll start to miss him at some point.  He stands firm that he will not....boys!!

Well, I still have quite a bit of lesson planning to work on.  Have a wonderful week!!!

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Just Be Real said...

HI Rhonda so glad to see you again. Thank you for the update dear one. Blessings to you.