Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay Obama.......this is NOT kewl!!!!

I can't address him as President, and won't but now I'm even angrier at him!! He interrupted the most incredible night of television for the week!!! He's speaking during HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on him!!! No one takes the place of Gregory House!!! Now they say that b/c of the address that the next new episode will not air until Feb. 16th!!! That's massive withdrawal in this house. I mean, hello???? we named our pups after that show!

In fact, here are a few excerpts from other House Fans on the message board: (I'm so glad I'm not alone!)

"Ok, Since he's new, someone needs to inform Obama that the President does not schedule press conferences during House. Why was this not included when he was taking his oath? Obviously someone was sleeping on the job. I mean, even my local news station knows not to interrupt House, no matter how bad of a storm we're having. They are allowed a small box, in the lower left hand corner."

"President Obama's advisors had better get on the ball! Let's fax our congressman and senators and let them know how we feel about this:)"

"This completely validates my reasons for not voting for him. "

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