Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally, at last.....

I just have to share a little of this story with you because it has touched the inner core of my heart. I also don't want to get to personal since it is someone else's story. For a while now, Ray, my man, has been searching for his 21 year old son. Well, give me a computer and a few hours and I can find just about anybody (thank you Lord for this one). We had found him around Thanksgiving and last night after almost 19 years apart, they had their very first telephone conversation. Not just one, but two!!! I was in tears because you never know how these things are going to work out. I am just so happy for the both of them. God has opened a new door in their lives and I am just blessed to be able to share a small part of that miracle. It should never have come to the point that it did, but now the truth is out and they have the opportunity for such a great relationship. It is going to be so moving to sit back and watch the two of them bond and grow closer. It's going to be great to see Ray in the "dad" role as well. He's waited so long for this chance and it sounds like his son has too. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much last night because I just sat back in amazement at what had occurred. Without any details, they were talking within 2 hours of Ray just taking that step to contact him. I am so ecstatic for them.......so happy......and I also know that they need to be covered in lots of prayer for any oppositions that may come their way. It's obvious that others will be hurt because they finally have the relationship they were kept from having, but God can heal those wounds. Like I said, I just had to share this wonderful moment in time. And like a teen-ager myself, I'm just as excited to witness more of these moments between father and son.

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