Saturday, March 15, 2008

Updated info on delegate count

Just an update on some political thoughts. Yes, once again it's about voting for Mike. I received a copy of the ballot that they are using here in our county via email yesterday and Mike's name is on that ticket. What does that mean?? Duh! You can still vote for him!! The only other name on there was Ron Paul and John McCain of course. I've said it before and I'll say it once again, that until the convention, this election IS NOT OVER.

For the benefit of anyone that does not realize that the Pledged delegates is what counts in the convention. Going into Mississippi, McCain only had 969 Pledged delegates. This is another reason that I have been trying to encourage people in the other states to still vote for Mike. Also, The Green Papers is the most accurate count. Click the link below to go and view the delegate count for yourself.

Okay, so why did Mike pull out when he did is the question. Possibly it was the pressure of the party and media which was relentness or maybe just seeing the writing on the wall. But regardless, we can still win other states from now until the convention. Even if he has 1190 pledged delegates, we would have a brokered convention!

Remember that it is not over until God says it is over!!! Until then, we must continue to fight the good fight and not compromise.

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