Monday, March 3, 2008

Sad news....

Ms. Trish went out to feed her wonderful adopted animals and when she got to Buck (her old Buckskin gelding in with Brandy, another horse), he was sweating and shaking. He was in his stall. Then, she saw his back leg was dangling from the hip. He ate some but wouldn't (couldn't) walk.

They called the vet and he came out immediately. Buck had broken something in his hip and there was nothing we could do except end the horrible pain.

He went peacefully. Ms. Trish said she cried like a baby because she loved this old guy so much..... He was always her sweet, steady, loveable Buck. But, seeing him in such pain made letting him go a very easy decision.

Fly high, sweet Buck, fly high.

Send all of our love to Luke, Roxy, Reilly & Obi Wan and all the others running in the fields waiting for us along the rainbow bridge.

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