Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Please, stop the emails!!!

If I get one more email from John McCain and the GOP supporting him, I'm going to scream!!!! I just keep replying to them asking about the issues of stem cell research, abortion, gay marriage, etc. And I'm dedicated to only one candidate and that is the only one I desire to work for. I think that John McCain is an honorable man on the military perspective of things, but other than that, I don't see things the way that he does. He knows absolutely nothing about how to straighten out our economy either. And if rumor has it and there happens to be a McCain/Mitt ticket, I WILL NOT vote within my party! I refuse to vote for Romney PERIOD!!

In another hour, I am off to our county precinct meeting. We are going to be electing our delegates and I'm ready to accept that task to help out Mike Huckabee. Now, I may not know everything about what being a delegate entails, but I'm sure gonna learn it! Geez, who would have thought I'd ever be involved in politics! NOT THIS WVA GIRL!!! I thought my days were over when my dad retired. But as Brandon says, "I'm getting practice for when he runs for office."

Huck's Army is working hard on the future. We've wasted no time in putting together new merchandise, setting up future savings accounts for the campaign, forming a coalition of faith, family and freedom and building a strong base for those states that have yet to vote in the primary. We're not ready to give up on Huck yet and he's not ready to give up on our country.

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