Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just hanging around....

Well, not much has really been going on the past few weeks. The boys went back to WV to visit family and last week I basically just laid around and tried not to push myself. I'm feeling much better now so I'm hoping that maybe I'll get into scrapbook mode within the next few weeks.

Our fourth was pretty quiet. Ray cooked up some barbecue spare ribs on the grill and we pulled out the almighty watermelon! LOL Luckily for the puppers, there wasn't any fireworks in the area going off so they had no problems when it came to sleeping. I always hate it when thunder or fireworks scare the poor things. House is the one right now that is showing his reaction the most toward noise. If you get out the vacuum cleaner, he's runnin' before it even starts!!

Meadow & House enjoying their day

Today I'm trying to stay occupied and ignore all the MJ hustle and bustle. I am so sick and tired of hearing about him. Yes his music was great, but I still believe he is a guilty man. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise. Must be nice to have money to buy you out of jail!! Same goes for O.J.!

Rays been working some pretty hot hours. It was nice having him around for a four-day holiday week-end. I personally cannot wait to get back to work! :o) Well, I'm off to hit the record button on the DVR because I promised Ray I would record the MJ service for him to watch. Doesn't mean I have to watch it though..........hehe

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