Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just an update....

Things have been pretty slow around here all week. I can't say that anything exciting has been going on, that's for sure. It's a pretty cool day today so it's nice to have a break in the temperature.

I did accomplish bathing the pups this week. Well, everyone but Meadow. Ray will have to help me tackle her this week-end. Mia wasn't thrilled at the idea of getting a bath so she decided to go run and hide under the bed thinking she could out smart me! Yeah right!!

Abigail has finally settled for the fact that she isn't allowed to go outside anymore. For almost two weeks she'd bolt out the door at night and stay gone for two days or more. Not comforting to mama here! After meowing at the door every night and realizing she was just going to get locked up in the bedroom, she began to accept her restriction. Funny how we have to have ground rules and punishments for our animals as well.

Ray is on his way home from work early so that makes me happy because that means a longer week-end with him. The boys are still visiting in WV.........we won't discuss the anger that I have brewing against their father for pulling an extended stay stunt! What goes around comes around eventually.

I pray everyone has a terrific week-end (even though it's only Thursday). I'm starting to count the days down to when I get to return to's been tough not being a three year old every day for the past month and a half!

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