Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pondering Thoughts.........

I guess you could say it's been a decently productive day. I got to sleep in a bit......enjoy my coffee and cuddle up with the pups on the couch while watching the latest developments involving Gaza and Israel (depressing, isn't it?) Then I had to get the oil changed in the truck and get my nails done. You know what the difference with that is, right? Before, Eric got angry because I did that........now it's the opposite!! If I don't do it Ray gets upset! LOL

So now I need to drive myself to get some work done around the house but I'm finding that sitting here listening to Celine Dion and Kevin Costner is much more relaxing. Actually, I need to get the pups up and moving now that they have their eyes open and seem to be holding themselves up pretty well in their upper body. I can't believe they are already three weeks old and soon will be finding a home of their own (now that's going to be the tough part for me, but if there was a female in the litter, I know we'd keep her). One man around the house is enough!!!!!

Not sure what we'll do tomorrow night...........fourteen years ago I was getting married,but I haven't thought of that in forever. If I know us, we'll sit around chillin' with one another and watch movies on the puter. I am ready to kick 2008 out the door and focus on the great accomplishments and happiness I can have in 2009. Most important one: FINISH THE DIVORCE!!!

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