Saturday, April 19, 2008

Operation INASMUCH!

A few of the patients we sang for.

My wonderful children's least a few of them.

Well, today was a very busy day for our church. It all began around 8 am this morning when countless members met in our church sanctuary to begin giving their time, talents and their hearts to the community of Pittsboro. We had several teams set up. We worked on Habitat for Humanity, built a ramp for someone, threw a baby shower for a girl at the Teen Crisis Pregnancy Center, help pay for peoples laundry at the laundromat and groceries at the store, and of course, my little group of children went to visit two nursing homes and sing to them, along with visit them afterwards and give them all a teddy bear.

Mr. Brandon singing his heart out....

I was so impressed with some of my younger children today. They really expressed to these elderly folks how much Jesus loves them. Some patients pulled at your heart strings more than other and a few even lifted you up because they were so full of joy! One particular gentleman stands out to me the most. After singing for all those gathered in the Sun Room, we ventured off to visit those confined to their rooms or just relaxing. This gentleman was sitting all alone and quiet with a chair pulled up to his bed side........reading his Bible and studying the word of John. He was so excited to see us.....and kept saying that he was reading his favorite book. It truly blessed me. He sang along with us and was thrilled when we asked if we could pray with him.

When we sang in the Alzheimer's Ward.

A few others stick out as lady was confined to her bed and had no voice box.....she was not old by any means. She just wanted us to keep singing and singing to her and wanted to pray for ever. Another was when we went into the Alzheimers Unit. There were only about 10 patients there, but it was amazing to see some join in singing the wonderful songs they sang as children. We prayed for many and to my amazement, the children were very comfortable reaching out to them. There was a time or two that a few of the younger ones got a bit fearful, but nothing major. All in all, we gave out 211 teddy bears. God is so good to us all!!

Two of my little sweethearts......Abbie and Faith (a former preK student)

An interesting thing happened on our bus ride around the community as well. There was quite a few Obama signs posted in front of the courthouse and of course you know I have to make a comment about that!!! One of the ladies is a diehard Obama supporter.......well, not as diehard as us Huckabee supporters, but as close to a diehard as a democrat can get I guess...haha Anyhow, it brought up a discussion with a few of the adults riding along about how disappointed they were that Mike wasn't still in the race and they couldn't cast their vote. Well, what do you think I did??? You guessed it.......stood up on that bus and told them all that they could still vote for Mike here on May 6th and that his name IS on the ballot!! So, I know that I have at least 4 more votes going for Mike on the 6th. Next week-end is our district convention.......can't wait to go showing my support off for Mike there! So, a lot was accomplished today. And I even got some of my much needed and loved political work sewn in.

You can just forget that this is yours truly directing the kids.........

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