Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New look

Well, I thought I'd change it up a bit. After all, Mike is getting ready to start anew so I might as well follow suit! I cannot wait for his big "unveiling" on April 15th on his website!!! Tomorrow evening, there will be a teleconference with Gov. Huckabee. If anyone is interested in any information, let me know.

On to family news......Brandon won his first baseball game on Tuesday evening. They won 13-2! I was thrilled because that meant "Coach Eric" would be in a happy mood for the rest of the night. Britt has been working hard at Lowe's. I'm so thankful she has that job. For more reasons than one let me tell ya!!! Brady, well, he's the batboy for the Pirates and is probably going to gear up and play baseball himself in May. They are both so busy with Boy Scouts that he's satisfied with the time he's investing there.

Well, I have a good bit of housework to do. It's take some work to get those muddy baseball pants clean! If you have time, go to and sign the petition before April 15th. I'm almost finished reading the first book and I'm amazed at everything I'm learning!!! Check out the excitement!

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