Saturday, April 5, 2008

Electability of Mike Huckabee

Yes, I know it's been a while since my last post. It has taken me a good week to get back into the routine of things around here now that spring break is over and classes and preschool is back in session. The semester ends at the end of the month also so all the big literacy projects are due for my class. EricB posted the following:

"The argument goes something like this:

I wanted to share a fellow Hucks Army members comments with you all today. I believe that it is something we all need to take into consideration.

Mitt Romney will lose because some Christians will not vote for a Mormon (I know some personally who have said this). He will also lose because of the flip-flopping on issues. People like a president who is genuine. That's why Bush beat Kerry in 2004. Compare Romney to John Kerry.

Fred Thompson would rally the Republican base to support him, but he's not very charismatic or likable. Independents and Democrats would never vote for him. He also has a problem with women voters not liking him. He's good on issues, but would lose to the relentless Clinton machine. Compare Thompson to Bob Dole.

Rudy Giuliani would attract some independents and Democrats, but he would lose far more conservative Republicans. Many will stay home and not vote at all. Some will even vote 3rd party, which is the same basically as not voting. He's also not a very nice person. The campaign with Clinton would be vicious, turning a lot of people off, so he would lose due to poor turnout.

John McCain would have a good chance at winning, and so would Mike Huckabee. Both of them would have the Republican base behind them, and both could attract independents and Democrats, though I think Huckabee would do even better than McCain. Also, Democrats are afraid of Huckabee more than any other candidate out there. I try to point out the electability of Huckabee and McCain without appearing to be plugging too much for one particular candidate. People are turned off by random "I LIKE MIKE!" posts. If we push them away from Thompson, Giuliani, and Romney and towards Huckabee and McCain, they will come to the conclusion themselves! That's how I came onboard! I saw that only McCain or Huckabee could win. I compared the two of them on the issues and decided I liked Huckabee better due to McCain immigration stance. Try this tactic to win supporters. It's very effective."

Now, for those of you who are Huckabee supporters, EricB makes some very good and crucial points. Keeping pushing for Mike.........we have quite a few primary elections to go yet.

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