Monday, November 5, 2007

Another long day....

Boy, today seemed much longer than yesterday! Of course, I had classes and once I got home, I tried to focus on my research paper that is due in a few weeks. I should have left the TV off because FOX News announced that Meisha Ferrell plead guilty at her trial today and stated she WILL testify against Bobby Cutts. For those of you who have not followed the story, Bobby Cutts killed is girlfriend and mother of his son and soon-to-be daughter back in June. I hope he gets the death penalty for what he did.

There were three teens killed yesterday afternoon in a car accident here in Pittsboro. Two of the boys attended Northwood H Brittany and one of the boys went to Horton with Brady. Yes, Brady knew the boy so they sent home a note to the parents explaining that they have counselors on hand for grief counseling and such. It's very sad.

Other than that, it's been a decent day. I am debating on whether I should take 6 classes next semester or stick with the five during the day. We'll see!!

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