Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My dental visit!

Well, my day started off just grand!! The kids got ready for school on time, everything at the house went smoothly, work was even less chaotic than it can be, so what was my problem?? My mind was focused on my 1:00 dental appointment. I HATE going to the dentist!! I'd rather give birth to a monkey than to go to the dentist!!!!!!!

The boys have been going to this new dentist for a few months now and Brandon just love hims. He wants to stop by everytime we are in the area to tell him hello! And the dentist is just as thrilled with Brandon. So, I'm sitting in the chair, both the dentist and Jill the hygientist knows I'm freaked out and don't want to be there so they basically have to treat me like a three year old! Great!!! I'm the one sitting here with a staff shirt on that says PBC Preschool!!! Come on! So they numb me up....ah, no biggy, I only begin to feel my tongue swell and my lips getting bigger than an orangutang's (sp?)......I can handle this. Then comes the needle. THREE of them!!! Now Dr. Sanchez and Jill are just gabbing up a storm, laughing and talking about the infamous tractor pulls they have at the fair's down here......(Preston County folk know what I'm talking about).....remember, the dentist is from New York so he's knew to all this great country stuff. Not to mention he about fell off his chair when we told him they have lawnmowers and tractors in the Christmas parade. Now, go from watching Macy's Day Parade to that!! LOL
Anyhow, Jill and I are sitting there talking waiting for the antisthetic to kick in when her eyes get bigger than fifty cent pieces and she asks if I'm allergic to latex. Now, I have no allergies that I know of....never had a reaction at the dentist before....but the next thing I know, they are lifting me up, calling for this hygientist to come see and Dr. Sanchez to take a look and shove a mirror in my face! Okay, I look bad I thought!!! Yes, I had the red blotchy face and I even noticed nasty dark circles under my eyes........so what are you trying to tell me??? Did I itch? No.....Can you breathe?? Well, yeah, but my nose is kind of full of dried up snot at the moment b/c you gave me that numb crap!! Well, we're going to sit you there and watch you a few minutes before we get started.........okay........so much for being calm now!!!!! That's OUT the window!!!
So, I sit there TRYING to remain still and unworried....silently in my head praying for God to help ease my anxiety thinking, "I got that Xanax in my purse......I could always grab one of them. Nah, I can make it." Here comes the drill.........okay, Lord, if I pass out, I wonder if they will notice between their conversations of Grey's Anatomy and Dancing With the Stars.!! The thing that really made me close to biting off my tongue was when Jill said she just found out last night that Rudy Gudiani is running for President.......Okay, now that's it!! I'm starting to worry here!! HELLO????
An hour passes and I am free to leave, red face and all. They gave me some hydrocortizone and some Motrin for the pain. Now, will I go back??? I'm not sure!!!! It was the most adventurous dental visit I've ever had that's for sure!!! Hope your day was much more relaxed!

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