Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've enabled her!!

Well, I did it! I enabled my mom to buy a Cuttlebug!! I bet the Carolina Swarm Gals are really proud of me!! hehe I also got her to buy some Catseye chalk. LOVE that stuff!!!
I have been working on preschool stuff today. I have made photo frames for the graduation class for Ms. Trish and Ms. Barbara and now I am going to start doing my summer lesson plans. Yippee!!! I need to do a few cards this week-end, along with do some more spring cleaning. We decided to go buy some paint this w/e since they have the Memorial Day sales (and being military we get an extra discount...hehe) so we can paint the kitchen. It doesn't really need it too badly, but I'm tired of the paint coming off the walls every time I wipe and fingerprints, smudges, etc off. That's what ya get when you buy a new home though.
Thank you to all who prayed for Deborah, she is now home! Can you believe that?? She is laughing and telling jokes like never before. They did not get to do the surgery on her spine. She goes the first part of June for that, so please keep praying for her family.
I pray you all have a terrific night! Oh, and just in case Rosie O'Donnell likes to skim blogs, GO ELISABETH!!!! Tell Rosie how it is!

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