Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well, I'll be darn.........

We won our baseball game last night!!! Not only did we win, but we were losing 8-1 at the bottom of the second inning. We came back and won it 12-8!!! It was an awesome game! Eric is walking around with his head so swollen I'm afraid he's going to drift away into the clouds!

It did sprinkle a little last night........had some lightning. STILL NO RAIN AS OF THIS MOMENT!!! It is so muggy and miserable around here that I feel as if I live in the desert. Who sweats at the end of October anyhow? Well, someone other than a woman going through premenopause and I sure ain't hitting that yet!
So many of our preschool staff members are experiencing sickness, family illness, personal problems that are BIG, etc.....we all need your prayers. There are 16 on staff and 9 that have major issues in their lives right now. I am going in to work this morning, then hitting my Wednesday class, and heading back to work. I'll be all multi-tasked out today!! And I have children's choir tonight and a paper to write for tomorrow's 119 class.
Well, I'm off to tackle the boys.....

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