Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One year ago today we laid you in your grave sweet one. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago for me. It seems like it was just yesterday that you were peeping through our windows and going with me to pick up the kids at school. I sat outside for over an hour last night with such a heavy broken heart wishing that you were here. Meadow and Pugsley are wonderful puppers, but they are not you and I know that there will never be another you. Meadow is such a mess that she needs to be taught some manners from above! haha Pugsley watches over me with great vigor and I know that he is my protector (at least from Eric!!).
This morning when I woke up and took the dogs out for their morning bathroom break, I noticed a very bright and obvious star. I have never seen a star so close to the earth as I did this one and I just felt like it was a sign that you were watching down over us; waiting for us to be ushered into the King's Court one day. I picture you sitting there at the gates with your tail wagging, tongue hanging out, just waiting to pounce on me and grab my arm with your mouth. How I miss those days.
You are not physically here on earth for me to hold or touch, but you are in my heart. Your pictures are throughout our home and the scratch marks you made are still left around the front door. They will always be there to remind me of you and your presence here. I love you my dear Roxy Lou. Forever and Always. Until we are together again in Heaven. Run with T.T. and Fred now until we get there!!! And play with Luke for Ms. Trish!! She misses him too.

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