Monday, December 6, 2010

Preparing For the Holidays

Thanksgiving went by so quickly! I was at Walmart by 9:45 that night preparing for the big Black Friday Sale. What chaos!!! I had fun though. My husband and I tackled the mall on Black Friday morning and got quite a few bargins for ourselves.

Saturday, we got our Christmas tree put up and all the stockings for the pups hung. There are way too many stockings!! LOL

Then on Sunday, we went to spend the afternoon with grandmother. She just lights up when I walk in the room. She is so lonely and I hate not being there for her more during this time of year, but I am so busy with work and getting things ready for the preschoolers parents for Christmas.

Today, we ended up having a 2 hr. delay so we only had an hour and a half of school. I had a total of five students. So, we didn't get much done. Tomorrow, we have another 2 hr. delay. There isn't even any snow left on the ground and they are delaying school. They'd never survive living in West Virginia!

Well, I'm think I'm going to start working on my Christmas cards. At least those for my preschoolers. Stay warm!

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