Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NObama in our schools....

I'm sure that most of you that get a daily dose of the news has heard about Obama planning to address all of the students in public school today. As a parent, I am appalled that families are being told that their children WILL BE punished if parents chose not to allow their children to participate.

I know that as a parent, my children have not even been allowed to watch a G-rated movie in school without parents having to sign a permission slip. Even when Britt was a Senior in HS I had to sign a permission form each time they were showing a particular film in science or history. Why do parents not have that right in this situation??? My children haven't even received an informational letter to inform parents that they were going to be exposed to the indoctrination of Obama today!!!

Our parental rights are being violated by Obama. The only choices parents are receiving are punishment over indoctrination. My boys have been told not to participate and my soon to be 13 year old will speak his mind over it.

Does Obama not having anything more important to do than interfere with our families???? Shouldn't he be consoling soldiers families that have lost loved one's serving our country??? Shouldn't he be creating jobs to help our families have employment and finances coming into their homes so that they can actually survive???

This isn't a matter of whether or not you are a democrat or republican either. It's a matter of our rights that he feels he is entitled to violate.


Paula said...

WOW, surely u have the right to say, Paula you are overseas dont meddle too. I am very much agree with Obama, have seen him in Berlion last year and was in Tampa when he was sworn in. I consider him a great hope not only for the USA but for the entire world which had suffered so much by a limited previous leader. However I watched his school speech at CNN, I read his entire speech and read opinions form various sides. I really like his speech, he is encouraging on all levels. I very much like this commentary too:
Am I told off already ;-)) ????

Rhonda said...

You have me laughing like crazy girl! That's what is so wonderful about freedom of speech. I guess it's just different for me over here because of my conservative religious beliefs. Obama hints of nothing that I stand for!

I have seen his school speech since being home this afternoon and he definitely heard the peoples cries of criticism and turned it around. In the beginning, his administration had went as far as doing lesson plans for the students to give their input on his agenda. I just believe those type of things should be done at home.

In this day and age, we have to protect our children from each and every individual. Yes, even the President. I want my children to be able to speak up for themselves and understand how they can make the world a better place.

Paula said...

Happy to make u laugh. I do know about freedom of speech, I just found it very annoying during my stay in the USA, that all Americans thought because I am aforeigner I have no opionion, no mind and certainly no right to speak openly. I know he wnated to draw plans etc. etc. I dont want to sound arrogant, USA has an incredibly edcuated Elite, however the majority seems to be less educated as I expected - to speak bluntly and not wanting to offedn - when I then read about all the drop out of schools, idrop out of college I was surprised.
OK, dont get me wrong, not everyone is diploma crazy like MOI however I found education could be improved in the USA like in many other countries. In Germany the system has suffered lately and the kids are simply lazy, Obama would be looked up to.
And yepp, I am pagan but dont expect Obama to join me there soon ;-))