Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Crafts.....

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I relaxed and actually got to spend a good bit of the day with my Uncle Bobby who was visiting North Carolina for the week-end. It was having him here...........he is hilarious and we had a good time. He's been a huge influence in my life...when it comes to orneriness & mischief.....hehe

I thought I'd add a few preschool pictures today. Below is a picture of the Mother's Day gift I had the children make this year. It has a cute little poem and their handprint. Of course, I took the picture and added the stamp & flower.

This flower was made using the childrens handprints and the petals were made with their footprints. My students love doing anything that pertains to painting their hands! I learned that it took a lot more work assembling the flower than I thought it would though. But it was a hit with the parents!

Our class caterpillar died last night...........I was very upset over it because I didn't want to break the kids hearts because they were so looking forward to watching it turn into a beautiful butterfly. They didn't ask me about Curly (that's what they named him) today so I just didn't bring him up! You know the old "Don't ask, don't tell" policy! hehe I'm sure that the question will come up soon though. They don't miss a beat! What in the world will I do without them this summer? Just the thought of the school year ending is making me sad........

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