Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mike Huckabee Saves A Life At NCGOP Convention...

Gov. Huckabee at the meet & greet

Talk about an intense day! It began with my early awakening around 5:30 a.m. to drive to Greensboro for the NCGOP. I had to be there by 8 am so that I could make it to the meet and greet at Sen. Elizabeth Dole's suite.....featuring......yes, Gov. Mike Huckabee. Well, wouldn't you know it, I ended up getting lost. Now, I went to the convention yesterday with absolutely no problems so I guess the excitement got to me a bit.
I meet up with a few other Huck Rangers, Sharon, Linda and her sister Kay, and we had a GREAT time staring at Mike! He is so kind and such a gentleman. I introduced myself as "4everRoxy" since that is probably the only name that he would recognize on the HuckPAC/ forum.

Me, Linda and Sharon...Huck Rangers!!

Anyhow, we got several, several pictures there and Linda was handing out the Save08 information to get a McCain/Huck ticket going. Please visit the website if you haven't and you may receive a free McCain/Huck bumper sticker: It was great meeting up and wish that other Huck Rangers were there as well. Maybe next time.

Photo from Meet & Greet

At the luncheon, we had an excellent table front and center in the second row. I happened to notice some commotion on the podium and that a man stood up and was blocking someone's view. At first I thought someone was trying to get to Gov. Huckabee in an "aggressive" way to put it nicely. You know how people can get out of hand sometimes. Well, that wasn't the case. One of the gentlemen was choking on his food. I believe it was candidate for Lt. Gov. Robert Pittinger (excellent candidate by the way for you North Carolinians!!). Mike jumped up out of his chair (from the other side of the podium) and gently pushed the gentleman standing there aside and immediately began performing the Heimlich Maneuver. Gov. Huckabee did it several times and then someone called for a doctor. By that time, Mike had everything under control and was on his way to sit back down. This is what amazed me even more than anything about today. He IS who you see on TV and MORE. Much more!!! He sat down as if nothing really happened. Humbly. Just the way Christ would if He were to lay His precious hands on someone sick or in need of healing. He didn't want any fanfare, he seemed to be very relieved that he was able to assist and carried on with the luncheon. I was almost in touched me that much.

Photos from luncheon

I have never met a kinder man that I did today and I've met quite a few celebrities. I've always said Gov. Huckabee is a man of character and integrity and now I can say that I know that firsthand by what I saw today. And of course, the beautiful speech that he made as well. That will be tomorrow's post. Until then.........get to save08.0rg and sign up to get that McCain/Huck ticket moving forward. If I learned anything today, it was that my choice a year ago to select Gov. Huckabee as MY candidate was the right choice. I am more eager and energetic than ever to work for his campaign again, or whatever mission he desires his supporters to seek. The Fair Tax is my main focus right now.
God blessed me today with this opportunity and I am going to make the most of it. This country needs conservativism. It needs to be "changed" but not in the way that Barack Obama desires to change it. Mike said it best himself today when he stated, "We're going to have to fight the idea that this is a historic opportunity to elect Barack Obama," said Huckabee, who dropped his White House bid in May. "I salute how far he's gone, but as far as I'm concerned, because of his views and what he would do - he's gone far enough for me this year."

Gov. Huckabee & myself around 8:30 a.m. today (notice we had on the same colors!)

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