Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just received some sad news...

My very good friend, Trish, just emailed me to tell me that her dog Obi passed away this morning. Obi was one of her cherished rescue dogs. I didn't even realize that she was sick or anything. I am still not sure of what had happened but will post it once I do. It was just a month ago that she lost her precious Reilly.......and now Obi.

Trish rescued Obi when she was just a little pup. She told me that Obi had been returned to the shelter 3 different times before she was 4 months old! She is such a beautiful dog!!! Thanks to Trish for taking her in and giving her all the love in the world. Poor Jedi will miss her because Obi was his running mate just as Pugsley is Meadow's.

Another sad day here on earth with the passing of a loved pet......a family member and a dear friend. But Reilly, Luke and Roxy are all rejoicing in heaven running in the fields with Obi. And the rest of Trish's Star Fleet that has passed on as well.

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