Friday, April 26, 2013

How Smart Is That??

So, Brandon is sitting around watching Snow White and the Huntsman last night. Another one of my favorite films.  Well, he states that it reminds him of the Chronicles of Narnia.  I didn't quite see how but challenged him to explain to me how.  Here is the answer I received from him:

"So Brandon was watching Snow White & the Huntsman last night & stated it reminded him of the Chronicles of Narnia. I asked him how & this is the answer I got: Ok. The entire movie was a jihad (gee-hád). Refers mainly to the Apocalypse. Satan, the evil queen, takes over the "kingdom" and rules with darkness and evil. She uses methods of temptation and lies to get what she wants. Snow White (represents Jesus) is the PUREST of them all. Purity refers to lack of sin. She was kept hidden during the evil queens reign but when she escaped from the kingdom it represented Jesus' 2nd coming. She goes into the dark forest and survives fear and sooths nature. When she didn't have any armor she was vulnerable, but when she wore her armor she was powerful; the armor of god. She then starts her reign of goodness and purity. Just like Jesus will!"

I was literally blown away!!! What an amazing analogy! That is why we call him "Preacher Man"  God definitely has a calling on his life and to come to that conclusion of a movie at the age of 16 is just amazing to me.

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