Monday, July 4, 2011

Caylee's Poem

Caylee's Poem..

The months went on, and nobody new where to find you,
Frantically searching near and far without a sign, or clue.
The police interrogating your mother who seemed not to care,
With no emotion, knowing the truth, she wouldn't tell them where.
Looking into her eyes the demon within was revealed,
...When all along deep inside she knew that you were killed.
With hopes high, though months continued to roll by,
Frustration settled in while police searched low and high.

Questioning how could the mother be so cold,
With her missing child that wasn't but three years old.
Millions following this story in complete disbelief,
The hearts of many uncontrollably filling with grief.
Praying everyday that you would be found alive,
Until that day when hopes where high, took a dramatic dive.
All hope was gone when your body was found,
Lifeless in the woods as you laid on the ground.

When the story reached my eyes and ears,
My eyes waterfalled with tears.
I was angry, infuriated, uncontrollably emotional,
I was overwhelmed with a feeling that is indescribable.
My mind has been tortured with the haunting realism,
That regardless of the threats and criticism.
The evil that can be simmering inside a human body,
Can be exploded on to a little baby.
Be in peace with Jesus, Caylee.
The evil in this world has set you free.

"In Memory of Caylee Anthony"

By Diana Marie

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