Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Consider Contributing A Buck For Huck!

Mike Huckabee supporters are uniting to send millions and millions of dollars to Senator McCain in increments of $1.00 checks in support of Mike Huckabee as his vice-presidential running mate!

This is meant to show Senator McCain just how much grassroots support Governor Huckabee has in the fields and to show that we are still rooting for him to be a part of the Republican ticket!

It is very important that we get total participation to make a statement! I am asking each of you to take just one moment of your time to write a check for $1.00 to John McCain and enclose a short note with your check stating that this is in support of McCain/Huckabee and you are pledging your support for that ticket.

The checks need to get in the mail within the next 48 hours so they all start arriving together! Please pass this email along to anyone you know who supports Mike Huckabee.

Just yesterday, Patrick Ruffin, co-founder of the "The Next Right" was on CSPAN and he stated that Mike Huckabee has the BEST netroots (hucksarmy) online site of ANY candidate this election. He said it was because we didn't have the masses flocking to us but we built our coalition from the grassroots support! Let's show Senator McCain just how great hucksarmy is and how much support the Governor has out in America!!!

I know I can count on you, loyal Huckabee supporter to "step up to the plate" and get this message out to those millions and millions of people who voted for Mike Huckabee for president......

Thank you for your continued support for Mike Huckabee and all he stands for...

Send your checks to : Senator John McCain campaign fund
PO Box 16118,
Arlington, Va. 22215

PS Please also call 703-418-2008 and tell the McCain camp that you would like to see a McCain/Huckabee ticket!!!!!

Let your voice be heard!!!!

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